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1921 cencus

Comment 23rd July 2010

I guess the 100 years to protect the still living. 

People born in 1921 have the most to lose because they are most likely to be alive but would now be 89.

This is a few years greater than the average UK life expectancy for a female. So with a bionomial distrubution (we would presume that most of the males are long dead as they) and each day the females are decreasing quickly.

Due to people moving house, changing names becoming ill etc I think the amount of people that would be effected in a negative way on the release of this data would be very small.

The most useful data to abuse is often already availible online via etc. However the details useful to the family such as what occupation your great grandad had are of little use to fraud.

So the amount of people alive in 1921 to object, have something to lose and are likely to have this data abused in some way are perhaps very small.

Either way the work should be done now to digitise all cencus records in case of fire etc then the date of release can be worried about later.

Why does this matter?

I also think that it is win win for govenment fund raising and those people that love this kind of family details.

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