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20 mph speed limits in villages

2 Comments 4th July 2010

Introduce a 20 mph speed limit in rural villages, stop "Rat Runs" through quiet often conservation areas, narrow unpaved lanes are sped along by inconsiderate drivers who could not stop if confronted by walkers ect,

Why does this matter?

As a resident of a village my own road is used by nearly 3000 vehicles every weekday, the average speed is in excess of 40 mph, I have campaigned for over 10 years to get something done HCC always site costs but keep on gathering data which proves traffic calming is needed but do nothing. Please contact James Arbuthnot if you require clarification as he has visited the site and is aware of residents concerns

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2 Responses to 20 mph speed limits in villages

  1. Lionel Anthony says:

    I live in the village of Kilve, 12 miles from Bridgewater and 0 from Minehead. My road, which is single track leads only to a beach. Although the village main street (the A39) is subject to a thirty miles per hour limit, this is largely ignored and the drivers often continue down the road at speeds well in excess of forty mph. Add to this full size coaches full of children although there is a useless sign saying the road is not suitable, There is a farm where every employee who drives a tractor (the Big John Deere jobs not the Massey Fergusons of the fifties) does so at that tractor’s limit forty-five mph some of our neighbours ride horses along the lane and the local residential school sends crocodiles of schoolchildren to the famous Kilve Beach about four times per week. The bottom quarter mile of the Lane is subject to the National Speed Limit (60!!!).We are fighting for a 20mph limit on the whole length of our lane.
    And you think you have problems?

  2. Lionel Anthony says:

    Comment should have read “9 miles from Minehead”, not “0 miles”

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