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2012 olympics lets cut our losses

Comment 18th July 2010

As you can see from the title I have Never been in favour of us holding the 2012 olympics.

When we won the bid and it was anounced on t.v. I put my head in my hands.  As I and many others at the time { more knowledgeable on this subject than me}  said it would be a costly white elephant. and now with just over a year to go and the country in financial turmoil is it too late to put it on E bay and cut our losses. It has been proved that it is [already] millions overspent, monies I don't believe is recoupable and it is also behind schedule.

The people with a vested interest say it will benefit the country as a whole, I don't believe anyone living north of Watford Gap will see any benefit. 

The only people hyping the olympics up are those who will [financially] gain from it. The sportsmen and women that are starting to reach their sell by dates will be queuing up to become "expert" commentators.

It's a very large pie, but there are too many fingers in it.

Look what's happened to Greece since thiers…………….   

Why does this matter?

I firmly believe this is going to cost this country dear. 

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