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500 Staff and £40,000 on Chauffeur Fees

Comment 21st July 2010

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has a staff of over 500 and its Lenin-worshipping boss spent £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to ferry him seven miles a day to his office, a financial review of that organisation has revealed. EHCR head Trevor Phillips, already dogged by accusations of waste, mismanagement and blatant political interference in staff appointments, is said to be staggering under the weight of the new allegations which reveal precisely how outrageous his own personal “expense” claims are. Despite earning £120,000 for this made-up race Gestapo job, Mr Phillips claimed more than £40,000 for a chauffeur-driven car to take him each day from his home in north London to the EHRC’s office near London Bridge. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes, which is only ten minutes faster than a commute on public transport which would cost a few hundred pounds per year at most. Mr Phillips was the subject of a wave of criticism and attacks from within his own organisation. Amongst the allegations made against Mr Phillips were that he had “lost the faith of minority groups” and that he had “played the race card to stay in post.” Last year, one EHRC commissioner, Kay Hampton, resigned in protest after saying that Mr Phillips had said his enemies were trying to oust him because he was a “black man.” “Nobody is prepared to challenge Trevor for fear of being accused of racism. He has already played the race card in the commission,” Ms Hampton said. The Liberal Democrat’s “Lord” Dholakia was also quoted as saying that “Mr Phillips has lost the confidence of the black and Asian community.” Amongst the long list of shady EHRC dealings include the revelation that it unlawfully awarded a £300,000 contract to a company run by one of Mr Phillips' close professional friends. Juniper TV, a company headed by Dr Samir Shah, who has known Phillips since they worked at LWT in the 1980, was awarded a contract in 2007 to produce My Story, a 30-minute video in which the public and celebrities talked about "difference." An internal audit found EU procurement rules had not been followed, concerning whether or not the tender for the project should have been advertised across Europe. The EHRC’s commissioners earn an annual salary of more than £100,000 each.

Why does this matter?

The EHRC Is a costly, divisive, corrupt, taxpayer funded organisation that we can all do without. They do not promote equal oportunity, they just support minorities to the exclusion of everybody else.

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