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A growing anger in the UK is down to…..

Comment 12th July 2010

Lets hear your views?


Police state maybe? Looking at the shootings by Mr Moat he came out of prison with no hope of a normal life and did what he did, and i know the same goes for me as i also have been in prison and have no hope, no job, no family, living on the JSA, i want to work and have a normal family life to get back into society but its now impossible due to laws that have come out over the last 10 years.


I see anti-terror laws going well over the top.

Ex criminals that will in fact not ever be a ex criminal due to a extended licence so no hope .

Loss of freedom in everyday life and big brother watching all we do.

Loss of trust with politicians but so far the new lot are doing better! but early days yet.

Many comments on the web page show how unhappy people are in the UK.

People need hope!  to be normal you have to have a normal life so our MP's can make it happen as i would think that's what people want.

Loss of human rights, and the government slow to correct this breach of them. 

Why does this matter?

Its important to have a normal life as this will help crime go down also! people back into work and a CRB should be job dependent, how many cant get a foot on a ladder to start work? so what will they do for money? Rob, Mug, fraud….. Help people to help them-self by giving them the tools needed and if a person has a thing to lose he would not want to lose it! have nothing and lose nothing like Mr Moat found. Thats why so many people was in fact sorry at his death but in his own words he had nothing to live for. 


So change the way a prison, crime and a spent sentence is looked at also CRB's job dependent of i feel anger will grow in the UK and more crime will happen as no hope for a future. 

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