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A legal requirement for corparations to do no harm

Comment 11th August 2010

I believe it is time that corporations became accountable for their actions and to have a legal accountability to do no Harm, be it Economic, Environmental, social or Physical Harm and to held accountable for breaching this requirement.
At the Moment corporations pay lip service to these issues or dodge existing regulations “unable to dumb toxic waste in Europe no problem ship it to Africa.
By making it a legal requirement for corporations to actually act in an ethical manor it will make it harder for them to irresponsible or to be held account for their actions.
This kind of legislation would clearly need to be applied on a global level and of course there would be resistance. But nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Why does this matter?

It is important because it is the right thing to do. and it would prevents profits being made from peoples suffering

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