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A Serious and Honest reconsideration of all anti-drug laws

Comment 1st July 2010

To have a serious and honest debate, which is publically engaging, to discuss the effectiveness and desirabilty (in the collective interests of all of society but especially those who actually use drugs) of all existing anti-drug laws, with an investigation into the reasons for drug use, and plans for potential alternative approaches to something that isn't going away, isn't being dealt wiith properly and isn't neccessarily a problem in many cases.

Why does this matter?

The evidence (i.e. the March 2007 report in the Lancet medical journal) and the experience of most reasonable individuals who have actually had any contact with illegal drug use – whether their own or others – clearly tells us that a serious and honest reconsideration, with the collective good in mind, of the current anti-drug laws is absolutely neccessary for the welfare and prosperity of this society.

It makes no sense to me why an individual should be stigmatised, persecuted, and even have thier life ruined for making a personal choice that in the vast, vast majority of cases affects no-body else but the individual concerned. That's the moral arguement.

The practical arguement involves; saving immense amounts of resources used in law inforcement (police, courts, prisions); taking the product, and the incentives, away from the black market, which would have a signifcant knock-on effect on crime; the potential for generating large sums of taxation from the legal sale of drugs (a pool of wealth that could be extemely useful at this time), some of which could be used to deal with any increased cost of medical issus related to drug use (likely to be short term); as supply is shifted from the unregulated black market to a regulated market with quality standards the content of drugs can be made safer; a more tolerant and practical attitude could be adopted towards drug use, educating people how to choose and use them safely rather than the still dominate ''just say no'' attitude, which from my experience only makes young people want to do drugs more.

Please thets have a serious, open, and engaging debate on this subject…

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