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Abolish 50% penalty duty on cider over 7.5% vol

Comment 4th August 2010

It's high time the 50% penalty duty on cider over 7.5% vol was abolished. This extra duty was imposed by former Chancellor Ken Clarke under the last Conservative government. It was in response to the beer lobby. Beer brewers are free to produce beers over 7.5% vol with no extra duty, but there are hardly any of these beers! Since this duty came in, various ciders which had been over 7.5% vol have restricted themselves to 7.5%. Currently, only K cider is over 7.5% vol. This is an attack on the cider brewers, apple producers, and people with a sweet tooth who want a large cool drink. 

Why does this matter?

The 50% penalty duty on cider is aimed at certain groups of people and is a legacy of Thatcherism. 


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