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Comment 5th July 2010

How much is spent on translation and producing leaflets in different languages?

Too much.

Adopt the same policy as in Spain.   Very simple.   Every government department states "If you do not speak Spanish, please bring an interpretor"

There is no reason whatsoever that UK government departments should provide these services.

I seem to recall that I received a leaflet that stated that it was also available in, and then proceeded to list 12 other languages.

Why does this matter?

Two very important reasons.   One political and the other economic.

Politically we should acknowledge that people who are foreigners or do not speak the English language are guests in the UK and should behave accordingly.   There is no reason at all that we should provide a free translation service for non-English speaking people.

Economical.  The government, quite correctly, has embarked on a major cost cutting exercise and this is one area that can easily be implemented.

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