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Abolish “Community Speedwatch” schemes

Comment 6th July 2010

Prohibiting the police from running Community Speedwatch schemes

Why does this matter?

If you are clocked by such a scheme (a bunch of old guys in hi vi jackets with a speed gun) you get an irritating letter from the police, warning you not to speed and telling you that, if you do it again, you will be put on a "List of Persistent Speeders". Obviously, this sin't true; you are immediately put on a list, or they wouldn't know if you did it a second time. This doesn't amount to evidence in respect of which they can prosecute (I checked with them) so if you've not been convicted, why should you be put on any list? How can they categorise you as a persisitent speeder if you haven't been convicted?  They don't have any statutory basis for this nonsense. It is annoying, petty, finger wagging, and intrusive. It is a waste of police resources. They should either prosecute you, if they have the evidence, or simply leave you alone.

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