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Abolish current Human Rights laws/treaties and replace

Comment 20th July 2010

My suggestion is to withdraw unilaterally from all existing "human rights" treaties and rescind existing laws and put real effort into replacing them with something more coherent.

I would also suggest that rights of individuals change depending upon circumstances as a "citizen" may fit into various categories.

I hope it will be constructive if you consider what should be the rights of:

Armed forces when at war
Armed forces when at peace

Freedom fighters

Emergency service personel
Civilians in wartime
Civilians when at peace
The accused
The convicted
The victim

Citizens of other countries



We should create something that suits, and protects the citizens of, the country that we live in.

I am not pretending it would be easy but the current laws need to be binned and replaced with something that is not readily held up to ridicule.

Why does this matter?

Surely there have been sufficient examples by now for the government to understand that whole sections of these laws and/or the way they are interpreted are held in contempt by the majority of citizens.

The various human rights acts are far too complicated to be a consistent whole and give contrary indications depending upon which aspect you are looking at.

If a set of laws contradicts itself or cannot be readily understood or is written so loosely that it is open to interpretation in ludicrous ways then then it is bad law.

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