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Abolish faith schools

Comment 15th March 2013

No school should be allowed to discriminate between pupils on the grounds of religion.  If schools are funded by the state they should be completely secular.  To avoid undue influence of the church on education legislation there should be no religious appointments to the House of Lords.


If the church wishes to run schools along a particular religious ethos they should be expected to fund it themselves.  Or they can run schools but must do so on a secular basis without imposing any religious ethos on the school or having any involvement in the setting of admissions criteria.


No church should have no part in determining access to services.  This is anachronistic and should be ended.

Why does this matter?

Remove religious discrimination which is socially divisive.   Ensure that no church has the power to teach questionable material as though it were fact eg creationism.  Ensure that publicly funded bodies like schools operate a non discriminatory recruitment policy.  Ensure that ALL children have the same access to schools regardless of their parent's religious beliefs.

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