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Abolish ‘hate’ crimes.

Comment 2nd July 2010

Under current legislation (such as the Crime and Disorder Act 1998) a crimial will recive a harsher sentance if their motive can be proved to be one of 'hate' (meaning racist or homophobic). This is fundamentally unequal, creating a two tier justice system and should be abolished.

Why does this matter?

The creation of 'hate' crimes (as opposed to 'love' crimes?) creates a two tier justice system. If a member of an ethnic minority is attacked at random their attacker will recive a harsher sentance than if the victim was white. This seems to imply that members of ethnic and other minorities have privileged status, totally destroying equality before the law and harming community relations. The status of the victim should be totally irrelevent to the sentance. If a law were proposed making assault on a wealthy person a worse crime than assault on a poor person it would be seen as an affront to justice, yet this law is exactly the same.

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