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Abolish Incapacity Benefit where potential remains on full pay

Comment 20th July 2010

When I took sick leave from my job as a university lecturer, under my contract of employment I was entitled to full pay for 6 months. In spite of this I was eligible for incapacity benefit and drew both full pay and i.b. This seems totally wrong to me – I was actually receiving considerably more than if I had been at work. This must happen frequently and cost the state and taxpayer considerable unnecessary amounts. So my colleagues were not only having to cover for me in work terms but their taxes were contributing to my I.B. and making me better off than they were!

My suggestion therefore is that incapacity benefit should not be available to anyone on full pay.

I think there strong grounds for making I.B. generally subject to means testing, but that is a wider point.

Why does this matter?

To counter unnecessary waste of government resources and to reduce the burden of benefits on the taxpayer, and to correct an obvious injustice.

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