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Abolish internal passport requirements

Comment 6th July 2010

No one should not need to have photo ID to travel within the boundaries of the UK.

Why does this matter?

Currently, if I wish to travel to Northern Ireland, I must show photo ID when I leave Great Britain. This is not a terrorism related requirement, I never had to do that in the 1980s when there were hunger strikes on, and when the PIRA were in full battle order, so why are my movements being monitored now? This is just the government being intrusive. In the 1960s we used to laugh at the Russians for needing internal passports to move around their own country, now we need them here. This requirement is a control measure typical of a police state. It is the state declaring "We cannot trust our citizens". It is the state making the citizen its servant, rather than it being the servant of the citizen.

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