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Abolish means testing for adoption allowance

Comment 7th July 2010

Its about time that adopters and fosters and kin care were BIGGED up and acknowledged by our society.I have met some wonderful family's who adore their children and have given them the opportunity to be raised with the childhood they should have had in the first place .These are those that have offered their hearts and homes to those children who are discribed by social services as "difficult to place" due to their emotional needs disabilities or even age. They have faced and are facing not only emotional hardship with very little if no support from those who are meant to be proffesionals but also financial hardships in order to provide the best care for these children .These familys should be exempt from any means testing and be given adoption allowance based on the needs of the child. We as a society should be thanking these people for doing what so many of us can not.


Why does this matter?

I am that difficult to place chid that is now grown and is a valued member of our society.I want to stop other future adoptive parents havng to face the difficulties that my parents did.So come on those who want to make adifference to our society BIGG UP THE ADOPTERS that give the difficult to place child a chance.

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