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Abolish offence of urinating in a public place

1 Comment 17th July 2010

It should no longer be a criminal offence to urinate in a public place

Why does this matter?

It is quite forseeable that people can be easily 'caught short'. It may well be in circumstances where the public toilets are closed either temporarily or permanently, or in a long traffic jam. People who need in these circumstances to relieve themselves should not face the risk of prosecution when they do so. If the urination is done in a deliberatly antagonisitic way, then it can be dealt with as a public order offence.

It is not right that someone caught short in a place where there are no facilities through no fault of their own can be prosecuted.

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One Response to Abolish offence of urinating in a public place

  1. Bryan Dutson says:

    its just a call of nature

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