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Abolish or Halve the TV Licence fee

Comment 22nd July 2010

Halve/ abolish the TV licence fee. Make the BBC attract advertisng in order to fund the shortfall – and make this heavily New Labour-biased, overpaid, bureaucratic institution join the real world.

Why does this matter?

The bias of the BBC has now become so profound that hardly anyone can fail to notice. Since the coalition's formation, we have had one after another, washed-up, discredited and ineffective Labour luvvie on the BBC, telling us why, after getting this country in the biggest mess since Callaghan and his cronies did in the 70's, the coalitions attempt to sort out the mess won't work, and that Labour had it right all along???

If ever – and it's not often – a coalition representative is allowed the opportunity to answer, he/ she is invariably interrupted/ barked at in the rudest of ways by the interviewer. 'Question Time' used to be an interesting and useful debating platform; now it invariably turns into yet another dig at the coalition and a thinly disguised platform for Labour,  supported by the usual handpicked audience of drop outs/ left wing loonies.

I'm sick of paying £130 a year to the Labour Party and it's BBC cronies. The government can put a stop to this situation.

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