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Abolish Part P of Building Regulations

3 Comments 7th July 2010

Abolish Part P of the Building Regulations. 

Most parts of current Building Regulations are very sensible but one clear exception is Part P Electrical Wiring Regulations.

Why does this matter?

For decades (since electricity was discovered in fact) homeowners have been free to carry out simple wiring in their own homes.  That was up until about 2005 when we were all suddenly deemed unable to do such work regardless of our experience, qualifications or basic competence. 

This was all done under the guise of 'making things safer'.  I am of the opinion that this has actually made many homes more dangerous since the cost of calling out a 'registered' electrician is prohibitively expensive and people are now scared of being on the wrong side of the law if they rectify the problem themselves.  As a result many homes are left with unsafe wiring that would previously have been made safe by the homeowner without the involvement of an electrician.

Abolishing Part P of the Building Regulations would be a great step in favour of personal freedom and personal resposibility.

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3 Responses to Abolish Part P of Building Regulations

  1. Kevin Wharton says:

    Exactly,Cowboy training centres are fleecing people of thousands of pounds then after 5 weeks coming out and calling themselves Electricians,I am time served with 40 years experience,and still learning.Scrap Part P.

  2. Mike Finch says:

    I have been in the trade for 37years but no longer can certificate my own work allthough i have the City and Guilds 2391 Inspection and Testing which was not cheap to obtain.It seems now you can do short courses to obtain a Part P certificate which is available to any person wishing to be Part P Approved even if you are not an electrician. As i am sure many would say ,SCRAP PART P!

  3. martin stanistreet says:

    what a load of codswallop – part p needs scrapping i’m timeserved with 54 years experience, 16th edition, test cert, pat test cert. no part p so supposedly cannot instal any minor electrical works in my own home!! someone somewhere is making money here.

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