Abolish QTS skills tests for university graduates

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

I do not understand why talented graduates need to undertake a QTS skills test in order to become teachers. On my PGCE course there are graduates who have achieved 1st class honours degrees in Maths and Science yet are still expected to undertake a QTS skills test in numeracy and ICT.  Additionally, finishing university dissertations and extended essays must imply a considerable level of literacy. If a potential teacher's literacy, numeracy and IT skills are not adequate, it should be up to teacher training colleges to provide  the trainee with ways of improving and then demonstrating these skills.

Why does this matter?

1. Save money

2. Value a graduate skills and knowledge base from passing a three-year BSc honours degree after attending a top UK university.

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One Response to Abolish QTS skills tests for university graduates

  1. Toby McCluskey says:

    I totally agree with your comments . The QTS Tests must be Abolished . I have strong good Qualifications in Maths, Science and English . Every University I have been too has made me take an English and maths test to see how competent I am in these areas . This should be enough with their test and the GCSE grades that should be enough to enter the course . The QTS skills tests are unnecessarily hard , with a 3 parts math question to be answered in 30 secs it is nearly impossible . Also the rule about not being able to re-take for 2 years if you fail 3 times is barbaric . They say they are crying out for teachers but they are turning brilliant candidates away with their stupid tests . ABOLISH THE QTS NOW . So that we might have the freedom to pursue the career we want to do .

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