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Abolish restrictions that limit government services

Comment 14th July 2010

Taxpayers pay the government tax and it only right that they should be able to access the services that they have paid for anywhere in the country. The internal funding arrangements that central government has with other governmental bodies around the country should be transparent to the user of services, the user should be not be denied the services he has paid for because of the government's internal accounting rules.


Why does this matter?

People pay tax to the central government, in return the government supplies services to the population; services like the NHS, and the dole. Having paid your tax, you should be entitled to the service wherever you are in the country. This is not the case at present. If you visit an NHS dentist in Belfast, you cannot get NHS treatment unless you are registered with a doctor in Northern Ireland. . [As it happens NI is one of the few places left in the country where it is possible to find and get on the list of an NHS dentist]. In spite of the fact that you have paid your tax to central government, central government reneges on its duty to provide you with the services it promised. This is simply dishonest.

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