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Abolish Road Fund Licence

Comment 1st July 2010

My proposal is simple and often commented on amongst my friends.

If the road fund licence was abolished it couldbe replaced with a pay as you drive system of funding road repairs.  The tax would be collected by adding £0.0025 per litre of fuel sold.

Why does this matter?


Minimal additional cost in motoring

Easy system to collect additonal tax

Difficult to avoid paying, particualrly for non-UK registered vehicles (in particualr LGVs from Europe that cause pollution and increase the wear and tear on our roads without contributing to the maintenance)

Reduce the bureaucracy that has grown up around the road fund licence.  issuing, collecting payments, maintaining large buildings, litegation costs, enforcement activities, wasting police time and other agencies time in issuing CLE-26 notices.

Vehicles that are uninsured and/or without a valid MOT would be required to contribute to the maintenance of our roads.

Criminals would not produce counterfeit documents for other criminals.

The disks would not be a target for thieves.

No long queues at the post office on TAX day

remove another government website


The bottom line:

The more you drive the more damage you make to the road surface the more you should contribute to repair the damage you have caused.  it is equitable and restorative

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