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Abolish some/all criminal rights

Comment 9th August 2010

When a person commits a crime they actively choose to opt out of the behaviour expected of a member of our civilised society. When they make this decision, and then are subsequently found guilty of their actions, surely they should also have opted out of many rights that law abiding citizens have.

Prisoners should ultimately lose their rights (after 3 convictions?) to be able to claim state support in many different areas. Why should we contiue to offer benefits and financial incentives to people who constantly abuse our faith, trust and money?

I think an abolition of the comfy life for prisoners needs enforcing, People need to see prison as a deterrent and not as b&b for criminals during the cold winter months (as I have heard it described by a career criminal who does this!). It's time the law abiding people of this country saw their rights put first and that those guilty of crimes really do pay a meaningful pennance. People need to see the law back on their side and criminal system that REALLY punishes and reforms.

Why does this matter?

Criminals have had the upper hand for too long. People are too scared to speak out anymore because the streets are no longer controlled by the forces of good nor are they effectively controlled by the police.

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