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Abolish Tests Enabling Drivers to Tow Trailers

Comment 10th July 2010

Any driver who has passed their car test since 1997 has to take another test to enable them to tow a trailer of more than 750kg. Bear in mind that this means that builders, those with caravans, those transporting livestock or trailers for work, all have to take a test that was never previously required. The system is far too complicated and has resulted in many people unaware of the law, or restricted to what they can tow for no good reason. Many people who do tow trailers will be only to aware that it is often the smaller trailers that prove the most difficult to manoeuver.

The extra funds and time required to enforce this law is unnecessary. Many people will not take a test so they can tow their trailer once a year, instead they will tow illegally  or have lengths of timber hanging out of their boot and windows.

Why does this matter?

It removes the red tape from people living their everyday lives. Simply put, removal of the law will see less people breaking it.

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