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Abolish the 3 year wait for EU citizens & UK residents to pay home student fees

Comment 2nd July 2010

My husband (an EU citizen) accompanied me on my 2-year job posting abroad to South Africa, looking after my young daughter. We are now back living in the UK and my husband wants to do a PGCE, but cannot afford to because he would have to pay overseas fees rather than home student fees – a difference of around £10,000. Under current rules, we have to wait 3 YEARS until he will become eligible for home student fees. We have already been waiting 1 year and he is taking whatever low-paid teaching assistant / TEFL jobs he can get. 2 more years to go. It's nuts, especially when there is a shortage of good teachers, that people are forced to wait out 3 years in low paid work waiting for the chance to improve their skills.

Why does this matter?

Because UK residents should not be forced into low paid work for 3 years before getting a fair chance to improve their skills and qualifications.

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