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Abolish the Agricultural Wages Board

Comment 2nd July 2010

This is an outdated unneccessary piece of history. Since the introduction of the of the miminium wage and other EU employment law the Agriculural Wages Board has become totally redundant and only adds costs and denies flexability.


Why does this matter?

Why is it necessary to have a miminiun rate 1p above the basic national rate, why is it necessary to give short term casual workers the same holiday pay as full time employees, their rights are adequately covered by EU law.

Good full-time employees, due their shortage dictate their own rate which is often totally unrelated the rates set out by the AWB.

THE AWB is a totally irrelevant piece of history which only adds red tape and cost to the industry as a whole but in particuliar to the Horticultural industry which employs a large number of partime/casual employees to harvest their crops.

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