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Abolish the CRB and ISA

1 Comment 6th July 2010

Why are we now treated as guilty until we prove our innocence?  I object vehemently to having to obtain a CRB check if I am going to come in contact with children or vulnerable people.

Criminal records should now be available on a Government wqebsite for all to see.   When people are sentenced it is a matter of public record, so what is the problem?

If someone wants to check my record – fine – they can do so. If they are prepared to trust me, then equally – fine. (And of course records can be ammended in accordance with the reqirements of the Rehabilition of Offenders Act).

CRB checks are an insult to the vast majority of British Citizens – so do away with them.

Yes, there will always be a handful of evil people who will commit heinous crimes – but that is no rreason to put the rest of us under suspicion. Nor are CRB checks a guarantee that they won't commit those crimes.

Why does this matter?

Because the system is wrong. It offends most of us and it will save the Government money.

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One Response to Abolish the CRB and ISA

  1. daevid carter says:

    I agree. These checks are inefficient and insulting. I have been waiting two months for an enhanced CRB and due to loss of income, I am going to lose my house. There is a child-care gravy train in the UK and people like Capita are making a mint out of it. I can’t express how disgusted I am.

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