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Abolish the Deposit Protection Service

2 Comments 1st July 2010

Abolish the Deposit Protection Service and related agencies. Restore the management of deposits and accountability for damage and unpaid rent to the landlord – tenant relationship.

Why does this matter?

The DPS is an additional layer of bureaucracy which has become a burden to the rental housing market, discourages landlords and hinders free movement of people. It is slow and highly process-driven, so that the procedure of registering and returning deposits takes far too long. Moreover, many bad tenants who leave a property damaged and/or with rent owing exploit these processes and the burdens of proof put upon the landlord by the DPS. The resulting three-way debate can stretch for many months. Meanwhile, the landlord must effect repairs or fill the hole in his income from his own reserves. I am selling up my property portfolio and getting out of being a landlord after having been in the business for nearly 20 years, and a substantial part of my reasons for this is the extra levels of stress caused by the DPS.

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2 Responses to Abolish the Deposit Protection Service

  1. Jane says:

    I work for a small letting agency which has been established for many years. Until the onset of this ridiculous system our money was correctly and uneventfully held in a separate account.

    The DPS is very difficult to communicate with; you either wait ages on an 0870 number or have to plough through various sorts of nonsense – FAQ’s etc on their web site. If you have a situation that doesnt fit the form forget it. If a form “doesn’t arrive” they will not accept an e-mailed copy. If you are lucky enough to get an e-mail through
    it is very difficult to get your specific questions answered. Can understand some sort of regulation necessary if a landlord or agent has constantly had trouble, but is should not be necessary otherwise. Also, it takes some time for money to be returned and very often tenants need this to pass on to their next home.

  2. Alan says:

    Whats the problem – don’t ask for a deposit and add £25 a month extra on the rent. Save the £25 in a seperate account and use that if there is a problem – simple

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