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Abolish the evil Equality Act

Comment 3rd July 2010

Harman's, feminist-driven Equality Act is an inequitable and nasty piece of legislation. A hand grenade left behind by Marxist Labour. It paralyses Britain by making almost anything an 'equal rights' issue and will lead to more court cases, more taxpayers money expended defending nonsense cases where people will clam their 'rights' have been infringed, trampled, disrespected, etc. etc.

Why does this matter?


We have to inject some common sense into our life. Britain will continue to decline if it does not wake up and realise that our self-obsessive regard for our rights and feelings will not make this country economically better or improve our way of life. There are natural inequalities due simply to the way we behave, the decisions we make and how life interacts with us. Sometimes things just go the way they do. No one has a 'right' to anything. Simply being born does not entitle you to anything. You have to earn, and sometimes defend, your daily bread and earn the respect of others, not assume it because you exist. The simplest laws are therefore the best.

I doubt that the 'Coalition' will do anything though because both parties are (unknowingly) infected with Gramscian-Marxist principles – undermine society by taking over the levers and principles of state power and influence e.g. get control of or access to the most senior positions in society (judges, academics, teachers, politicians, local government, media (BBC)) and then insert your creed by indoctrination and propaganda (Political Correctness). Society will then adopt your views without thinking, knowing or caring. It's here people!

Will they abolish this evil PC law. I doubt it.

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