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Abolish the Health and Safety Executive and all Health and Safety Regulation

Comment 4th August 2010

Abolish the Health and Safety Executive and all Health and Safety Regulation.

This idea could have been suggested on any of the website’s three sections:

1. 'Restore civil liberties' – Just this morning a "health and safety" fiat was issued by a lady to stop me pouring my own coffee in the work canteen.  It seems "health and safety" can used as a password to stop people from doing anything.

2. 'Repealing unnecessary laws' – There are already laws against polluting the environment, poisoning people’s food, etc (protecting health) and laws against negligence/recklessness (protecting safety). Is there a need for double laws?

3. ‘Cutting business and third sector regulations’ – The amount of time wasted complying with nonsense regulations in my laboratory is ridiculous. I’m sure it’s the same in every workplace and is costing the country a fortune.

Why does this matter?

People mind their own health and are conscious of their own safety.

There are plenty of laws to protect people from negligence and the courts are available to anyone who is wronged. There's also an environment agancy to regulate environmental health issues.

Accidents will happen with or without thousands of pages of regulations.

It’s even possible that there would be fewer accidents of personal responsibility were emphasized and people relied on common sense instead of ‘systems’.

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