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Abolish the Hear Say Law.

Comment 14th August 2010

Too many people have been wrongfully convicted due to the so called Hearsay Law, it's rediculous that a person can accuse another without having any evidence what so ever and sit by and watch the accused suffer and go to prison for many years born out of mallice or vengeance or simply jealousy.  This Law was introduced by M.P.David Blunkett under the Labour Goverment simply to add fear to peoples lives and to overcroud the prisons. It is the tax payers money that keeps these wrongfully convicted prisoners in jail at a cost of around £3k a week. There used to be a time when you were innocent until proven guilty, now it's Guilty until proven Innocent. Try proving your innocence when you thought that your life from the past was rosy, then someone makes up an alligation to the police about you going back some many many years. Well this is the case for many. I say Nick Clegg Abolish this stupid Law once and for all. 

Why does this matter?

To Free up the Prisons, Reduce the govements spending on our Taxes that pay for the prison services, and to give back the lives to those that were wrongfully convicted.  Simples!!

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