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Abolish the London Congestion Charge to get London working

2 Comments 11th July 2010

I would abolish the London Congestion Charge in its entirety because it is a tax on the poor, a tax on the worker, a tax on the business and in accordance with the Turnpike Act 1683 the revenue generated is not spent on the roads but public transport which is fraudulent.

The law that needs to be abolished is the Road User Charging (Charges & Penalty Charges) (London) Regulations 2001 which may have reduced traffic a little and encouraged bicycle use but at £8 or perhaps £10 a day is totally unacceptable and a rip-off. This does not discourage use but prohibits use of the zone.

Anyway the charge is not an access charge but a road toll because buses, cyclists and the like don't have to pay it! Never mind the fact that there are computer problems with the system , number-plate cloning, parking problems outside the zone and the like.

Why does this matter?

Because to generate growth and business and entrepreneurship we need to reduce the tax burden on all levels of society and particularly small businesses. It would generate more wealth by freeing up more money for people to spend when they are within the zone.

If you must discourage car use make buses charge no more than £1 for any journey within zone 1 day or night and if that is too popular provide more buses.

Use the ANPR cameras for crime prevention, traffic monitoring or unlawful car use i.e. without insurance, MOT etc.

Don't persist with this tax on jobs and wealth creation.

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2 Responses to Abolish the London Congestion Charge to get London working

  1. Scott Walker says:

    I don’t believe the only way to improve the system is to completely abolish it, but to simply lower the tax to £4.50. With the benefits involved with the congestion charge (such as lower car emissions and traffic) would be removed as well. Also, lowering bus prices would most likely cause an outrage and possibly a strike, and providing more buses would increase traffic and emissions, which removes any benefits from the charge anyway!

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