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Abolish the No Win No Fee System

Comment 12th July 2010

Employers, councils and government, including the public sector, are funding the no win no fee system that is being exploited by solicitors and quasi legal organisations, by having to pay inflated insurance premiums. It must cost billions of pounds from the private and public purse each year. I am told that this system is not available in Scotland or N.Ireland, which begs the question why do we have it in England? There is still legal aid in this country and if anyone has a legitimate grievance and low resources they can still bring a case.  At the moment, the slightest fall, scratch or "bad back" can be blamed on someone, usally the hapless employer. This litigious system encourages and promotes the  "blame" culture, which is so evident in our country today. How many of us were too worried to clear the snow from the pavements outside our homes last winter because we worried that we would be liable if someone slipped?  Please let us get back to a sense of personal responsibility for ones own safekeeping and the simple acceptance that accidents can and do happen despite the most careful of attention!

Why does this matter?

If we abolish this awful system it will save billions of pounds per year, stop the numerous scams (people crashing cars etc in order to claim ), and promote a sense of personal responsibility. Contrary to Health and Safety literature  and the unions the vast majority of employers actually do care about their employees and arent out to do them harm!

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