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Abolish the OGC and Revise the Tendering Regulations

Comment 7th July 2010

The OGC, Office of Government Commerce, was set up in reality to circumvent the need created by the EU for any organisation that purchases any type of supply over a certain value each year to tender that business out to suppliers throughout the EU.

This regulation in itself is a complete pain for both suppliers and purchasers, and the government, in its wisdom, to help government departments and other related bodies not have to bother with the tendering, have set up a system of frameworks where they provide a small list of selected suppliers for all the depts to use. This in effect creats a small cartel of suppliers that share the available supplies and all other suppliers are excluded or actually loose contracts – you could say it precludes lots of companies from gaining business so creating a closed shop – how can that be good for business?

Do away with the OGC, stop all the stupid time wasting tendering and let companies compete on level playing fields!

Why does this matter?

Companies like mine have actually lost business due to government bodies swapping to suppliers on the Framework simply because it saves time on the tendering process.

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