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Abolish the “Soft Information” in extended CRBs

Comment 13th August 2010

The soft information included in CRB checks is provided by the Police to employers (or potential employers) when the police had suspected a crime had been committed or had received intelligence on a person but the person had not been convicted.

It is fundamentally wrong to disclose this information. The Police are promoting hearsay and gossip to the point where a false allegation could have far reaching consequences to an innocent persons life.

If the Police suspect someone is guilty of a crime, put them before a jury of his peers and let them decide guilt when he or she can have the right to defend themselves.

If they cant do that, then it has zero relevance to future employers.

Why does this matter?

My idea will help remove a draconian and unfair addition to the legislation and practices the previous Government rushed in to assault our civil liberties.

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