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Abolish the stock exchange

5 Comments 17th January 2019

Yes, I know some of you will think that this is the craziest idea you've ever heard, but as far as I'm concerned, the stock exchange is the craziest human invention there has ever been.

The stock exchange sounds good in theory, allowing public investment into business, but in reality, it has now become a glorified gambling casino that we all live in fear of the movements of.

The shareholders themselves can have their wealth wiped out overnight, by an unwise or unlucky investment, and because of the routine trading of shares, we are all living caught within the stick web of this invisible gambling casino, which is built on this elusive commodity called "CONFIDENCE".

If "the markets"  – for god only knows what reason – suddenly lose confidence and collapse, and we have a good and proper crash, suddenly – literally OVERNIGHT – we will find ourselves in a 1930s style depression.

But think about it – what would have changed?

Did the oil and minerals in the ground disappear? Did the crops in the fields stop growing and being harvested? Did the cows stop producing milk and the bakers stop baking bread?

No. The REAL wealth of the planet didn't change ONE IOTA. What happened, was that a load of greedy and paranoid financial investors and speculators got "nervous" and this wholly artiifical monster we created came crashing down upon us.

Until we kill this MONSTER, like George did with the dragon, it can come to town and gobble us up by the thousand and million, and we'll never know the day that it will come to town.

So how abolish it?

Just get rid of PUBLIC OWNERSHIP of private enterprise.

Yes, that will of course mean renationalising a lot of things that have gone into private hands which never should have done, because they won't have enough of the public's money to carry out their plans, e.g. water, gas, electriciy, telecommunications, public transport, postal services, energy and so on, the essential services, which never should have been allowed to falll into private hands in the first place, because when that happens, they don't act in the public interest.

So give the public their money back for their shares and let them put it back into the REAL economy instead.

Yes, I'm well aware that anyone who is a cog in the financial system, e,g. a banker or stock broker, will nearly throw a fit at such a suggestion, they might even spill their coffee.

But let's be HONEST for a change, let's DARE to use our COMMONSENSE and tell it like it is.

Everybody who has ever seen even a film clip of the stock exchange at work, whether now in its computerised form, or in its pre-computer form, with herds of  people in suits running around like crazed animals and bellowing at each other like crazed market traders or race track tic-tac-toe men, can see that the whole concept of the thing is UTTER MADNESS.

This is our problem as a nation, and race. We continual tolerate things we know inwardly to be UTTER MADNESS, (like wars and betting shops), and we keep casting our commonsense aside, and listening to those who find some cunning way to justify the madness continuing (basically, because they personally are usually making a good living out of it)).

What we need along side nationalised essential services is business run by PRIVATE INVESTORS ONLY who HAVE A CONSCIENCE, A VISION, rather than big companies being answerable to the tryanny of the markets, which demand instant profits or succcess, and often take a short term view, because they are answerable to the share holders who invested in them via the stock market.

We've all recently become aware of the crazed, conscienceless, and thoroughly irresponsible behaviour of the bankers, and want them to no longer have the freedom they have had, but the even bigger threat comes from the stock market, which can wipe out our whole economic strucutre just by a few too many people getting nervous, causing a panic, and some numbers changing on somebody's computer screen somewhere.

OUr governments will soon or later realise that the  economic problems we face are now of vast proporitions, they are SYSTEMIC, they cannot be solved by a mere tinkering around with the superficial aspects like taxes and interest rates.

We need MAJOR SYSTEMIC change to the way we conduct economic and financial affairs and trade, and ironicallly the only SECURITY that any of us are ever going to have is when this beast of biblical proportions, this handmaiden of the golden calf we call the stock exchange, is first trimed down, and finally put out to grass.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important, because sooner or later our entire economic system is going to collapse if we don’t do it.

While the free global stock markets trade more or less unabated, we are constantly playing with fire, but unrealistically believe we won’t get burned.

If any leading economist can guarantee we will NEVER have a crash of Wall Street proportions ever again, then after he has explained that to us, and proven why that can’t happen, we should reject this idea and keep the stock exchange.

Well can they prove 1929 can’t happen again?

No, not as I’ve heard. And thus we are all living our lives in fear of this crash, in fear of the day this monster WE ourselves have created, will turn nasty on us, and like some kind of vengeful God will wipe us all out.

To those who still consider this idea mad despite all explanation, please consider: “in a world full of  mad people, the sane people are considered mad, and the mad people considered sane.” If you are interested to learn more about stock market exchange and trading go to MBoxWave.


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5 Responses to Abolish the stock exchange

  1. Joe Trnka says:

    Spot on!! My exact sentiments for years now. Abolish Wall Street should be the mantra of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

  2. Mark says:

    That’s a pretty good article. The stock market is and perhaps always was a gambling scam where most must lose in order for a few to make ill gotten gains. There is no value added and that is the key. There is actually value subtracted.

    Not a whole lot of this matters any longer. The deficit is not in fiat dollars, after all, fiat dollars are only a combination of paper and delusion, both of which are infinite. The actual deficit is in non-renewable resources which are very loosely connected to dollars after the gold standard was abolished. The key there is NON RENEWABLE. Sure, we can drink reprocessed sewer water and desalinate the sea and add chemicals to otherwise non-productive soil, but we have reached the end of growth in more ways than I can list.

    The average person continues to believe in the culture of money. If we had enough money, everything would be okay. Using that rational, money then creates resources rather than the opposite. But, as Hubbert stated, those who prescribe to exponential growth in a finite world are operating opposite of the normal state.

    One has to be a little careful what we choose to understand Mark. In a world that operates by design in a totally illogical state that ensures the absolute destruction of our species, attempting to understand that logic can be detrimental to ones happiness.

  3. antred says:

    I could not agree more. Alas it’s never gonna happen.

  4. Paul says:

    In reality the Earth and its resources belong to the whole of humanity as equal shareholders, not kings, governments, or corporations. The Earth’s resources should be audited and allocated to the whole of humanity. Each human should be allocated a parcel of land to sustain themselves upon, to destroy peoples depence on wage slavery. Work would then only be necessary to move administer, the transfer of resources around the globe. Check out the Universal Freedom Organisation on Facebook.

  5. Paul Marangoni says:

    Exactly! I’ve been saying this for years. We need to abolish the concept of “corporations” while we’re at it too.

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