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Abolish the two 1707 Union of Parliaments Acts

Comment 5th July 2010

Unless I've missed something, most of England resents Scotland getting a bigger share of expenditure per head and most of Scotland resent giving the rest of the UK a higher tax revenue per head than England and Wales. It seems that England has nothing to gain by Scotland being part of the unions or that Scotland has nothing to lose by seperation. Why not abolish both acts and see if the two countries can make it on their own as trading partners.

Much the same way that the government would wish to deal with Europe.

Why does this matter?

There are some 20 million voters in England that want to put an end to this idea of a union and some 2 million in Scotland – we either do want to be part of a union or we dont. We cant have it both ways – we are part of Europe or we are not.

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