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Abolish TUPE legislation

1 Comment 28th July 2010

The TUPE regulations prevent small businesses competing in the marketplace. The interpretation of the law is not clear and the main organisations which benefit from TUPE are the lawyers and some workers who are paid off only to be re-employed by the new company on new terms and conditions. It is very difficult for companies to obtain reliable information during the tendering processes and costs are difficult to assess making bids higher than necessary for the amount of risk involved.

Why does this matter?

To make businesses more efficient and able to compete on equal terms.

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One Response to Abolish TUPE legislation

  1. Graham says:

    Totally agree. We repeatedly have to tender at much higher rates to allow for possible TUPE liabilities. TUPE is a barrier to organisations reducing costs and being able to compete with foreign competitors.
    Abolotition of TUPE would secure jobs long-term, allowing costs to be cut rather than companies closing.

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