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Abolish Workplace Parking Levy

Comment 31st July 2010

Get rid of this tax because it punishes people for driving to work where most people are some distance from their work. It is also a stealth tax and totally undiscriminate because it will apply ro any business with about 10 or 11 car park spaces or more. Not exactly large companies is it!

Why does this matter?

If you want people to go to work don't punish them if they live in the countryside or have bad bus services or its expensive on the train etc.

Most people drive to work because Public Transport is unreliable, expensive, inflexible, can be dangerous at night and doesn't do door to door.

Quite a lot of people at my work cycle to work if they live within about 10 miles of the office so they do their bit.

Don't punish good intention by hitting the company with the tax which they will pass onto the employee. Make work pay not mean paying out more!

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