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Abuse of the Data Protection Act

Comment 16th August 2010

A neighbour went to Twickenham Police Station and there made a false statement alleging I had cut down a tree in his garden.  Dr Vincent Cable knows the background to this awful case.  The statement is kept from me by reason of the Data Protection Act and I really do not know the full extent of the venomous lies therein.  A probationer police officer came to my house, did not ask any questions but, sat down  and wrote out a harassment warning notice against me.  This is half the evidence required for a conviction.  Effectively he had labelled me a criminal and I have been fighting it for five years. 

I suggest that the Data Protection Act be amended to disallow protection of such a document that is used to cause harm, as in my case, to another person. The alleged offender should know the full evidence that is being waged against him. 

In my case I rely wholly on the crime report obtained by the Freedom of Information Act.  I am entirely innocent.

Why does this matter?

The facts of any allegation upon which action is taken by a public authority is the simple evidence required in a Court hearing.  It is a travesty of justice that some one can have their character smeared by secret evidence without knowing or having the opportunity of defending themselves.

(In my own case the officer failed to observe a single element of the Wednesbury Principles.)

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