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Academies Bill

Comment 15th March 2013

Do not allow this Bill to become law.  It is unnecessary and divisive.  It is aimed at schools which are already in the most privileged area.  It is a centralising move and takes local democracy away from the education system.

The Free School policy should also be prevented from becoming law.  Nobody thinks it's a good idea except for a few pushy parents.  The funding that these new schools will get is going to come from schools which are already struggling.  It's going to cost millions to implement with no evidence that it's going to do anything to improve educational standards.

At the very least it should be piloted.  Local authorities should at least have a voice on behalf of the local community to express a view about the desirability or otherwise of schools converting.  And the government must stop rushing this legislation through parliament and allow proper consultation and debate on it!

Why does this matter?

Because it will prevent funding needlessly being diverted from existing school provision to new schools which may not be needed.  It will restore proper local democracy to the education system and allow proper consultation and debate before any change happens.

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