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Add all bull terriers and rotweilers to dangerous dogs act

2 Comments 5th July 2010


To add more breeds of dogs to the dangerous dogs ban list that have attacked and killed children in the UK

Why does this matter?

How many more children are we going to see attacked and killed by the same breeds of dog not currently on the dangerous dogs list. Staffordshire bull terriers are one of the worst for attacking children yet they remain off the dangerous dogs list. How many times should a breed of dog be allowed to attack and kill before it is considered dangerous !!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Add all bull terriers and rotweilers to dangerous dogs act

  1. kerry hicks says:

    My highland westie terrier was attacked taking my dog for a walk in the street on his lead. A staffordshire bull terrier come loose from his harness bit my dog in a horriable attack yesterday on 24,01,2012 in the morning he was that scared he messed his self. He grabbed back end of his bottom and legs and the staffie locked his jaws and would not let go we had to punch the staffie in the jaw for him to let go or else he would of killed him the staffie has made a hole in his private parts and a very bad swollen leg. from kerry

  2. kerry hicks says:

    Like said in the last in the last comment the should be a ban on staffordshire bull terrier dogs in the u.k oh is going to back me up here

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