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Adding Fluoride

Comment 7th July 2010

Adding fluoride to thousands of homes where the consumers have NO CHOICE whether theyr want it or not, is not only unethical, but should be illegal.

A strategic health authority, a panel of undemocratically elected adults, are currently allowed to force through these measures, often despite overwhelming public opinion against the decision.

The law should not allow this to happen. As an example many parents refused to have the combined MMR vaccine. They were not forced by an undemocratic body quoting "this will be for the good of public health" to have the vaccine. People who object to having to swallow/bathe/cook/make babies bottles with fluoridated water, should not be forced to ingest something "for the good of the public health".

This law should be repealed and a proper process of consultation and local managment introduced. This should be Countrywide.

Why does this matter?

The ultimate freedom to choose is under threat here in a massive way. Where do we go from here if this is allowed to continue? Will the SHA be introducing a contraceptive into the main water supply ? Great way to control over populated areas, in the name of the "greater good"? This fluoridation process which is forced on a large percent of the population is a" big brother" method of control.

The process goes against our fundamnetal right to choose what we put in our own bodies. Furthermore we will have to pay for something that we dont agree with. The option to make a choice is gone. This in my opinion is the most dangerous precedent to set.

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