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Additives/articial additives

Comment 2nd July 2010

The use Aspartame/Acesulflame shout be banned, for sugar free/replacement  products, using Zylatol instead, which is a nataurally occuring sweetner.

 The use of Hydrogenrated oils/trans fats, should be outlawed completely, and also the use of MSG, should be outlawed.

Why does this matter?

Conspiracy or not, people do have health problems, minor or not, due to Aspartame/Acesulflame. Man made additives, should be nowhere near food.  When there is money in something like there is for these additives, the regard for health seems to go out the window.  Funds the people in the higher places.

 China of all places, with lack of regard for health and safety, have stopped using these artifical sweetners, and are now starting to use Zylatol, which has the same effect, but it is nataurally occuring.  It makes complete sense, and it would not be difficult to do.  Also, Zylatol, does not damage, or erode the teeth.


 It has been discussed, even doctors have called for the banning of trans-fats, their only use is for the financial benfit of the company producing the products containing them.  They make out, that they have longer shelf life for the consumer, but this is an absurd statement.

 They are not nataural, they are difficult to pass out the body, and are far worse than sat fats, and they do get clogged in the body for a longer period of time.  It is scary the ammount of products these are in, even childrens confectionery, which is very alarming, especially with the lack of exercise young people have.

 It is argued that the percentage of cases, with concerns issued with patients are very low, and it is not a major problem, but if there where none of these fats in foods, then over time, there would not be any problem with this issue at all.

We should have more say what goes into the food.

 I know recently, work has been done to erradicate certain additives and coulorings, so it is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough.

 Finally MSG, should be outlawed, again, an unataurla proudct, the same argument applies as above, but in addition, there are medical journals documenting health issues/concerns with young children, who have a diet, containg MSG, and Aspartame.  This is highly possible, many foods contain MSG in childrens food, especially the junk that is targted towards them. Drinks for children, most contain asprtame, marketed as a healthier aspect.  Fruit shoot ring a bell, this drink has both the sweetners in.

 This is an issue which I think all parents should be very aware of.

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