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Adoption and Fostering review

Comment 6th July 2010

I feel there should be a full extensive review of all things relating to social services and how they deal with past cases of adoption and fostering. Especially where the families have been split for whatever reason.

This should include the possibility of counseling being made available to those who require to contact long lost family member.

There should be added emphasis on re-uniting families that have lost contact for years especially when it is sibling that are involved and there was no abuse involved initially.

There should also be Consouling made available to children who are in the position of being fostered/adopted prior to the need for it being there. This would be an excercise in cost reduction preventing later more extensive help being needed by these kids.

Why does this matter?

I feel my personel liberties are being restricted by this and every goverment there has been since I was placed in care.

That was back in the 60's I am now 51yr old and have been told for years by social services that can not help me in any way to contact my twin siblings who I have not seen since being placed in care back then.

That is a total of over 40yrs the government of this country has withheld partt of my family from me and I hate to think of anyone ever going through the years of worry and stress I have suffered as a result of that process.

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