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Comment 2nd September 2010

Some people like myself who can not take alcohol in a responsible manner take cannabis.

I work full time and pay my taxes and have not had a day off with illness for many years.

I hate having to hand over my money to fund criminal activity just so i can have a joint to relax and stop the pain of a dislocating shoulder and bad back.

My idea, like most, is to decriminalise cannabis but I have a solution on how to supply the market and solve the problem of the poppy farmers in Afghanistan. The farmers could grow the cannabis, the UK could buy it to supply the cannabis shops in England hence creating alot of jobs in the UK. People like myself would know our money was going back into the UK economy and would help the Afghan farmers (& their government) with a sustainable crop.

An age limit could be applied, the illegal market for cannabis would dry up and we would be able to smoke some nice black which would also stop alot of the very potent " skunk " strains from causing people problems.


Why does this matter?

My idea is important because the law is wrong and my idea would solve alot of problems world wide and domestically. Creating more jobs, taxation and would stop people being criminalised for making the right decision on the drugs they take.

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