Age discrimination

The 2006 Equality (Age) Regulations needs to be reviewed. I understand and respect why it is needed, as older workers find it difficult to get new jobs etc.

However, employers can no longer request dates of employment in case they can 'guess' the age of candidates, they cannot specify 'must have 5 years experience in a management position' or 'candidates must be dynamic' all because it discriminates against younger workers.

I think the legislation has been applied in way that goes beyond common sense. It is fact that with time in a job, experience and knowledge grows. This should be respected and be part of the selection criteria of an employer, who shoudl eb able to state we need someone with lengthy experience and strong technical knowledge in a particular area. You cannot even send a birthday card to a colleague that pokes fun at their age, as that could be considered as 'harassment under age discrimination legislation'

The legislation just needs to be loosened, not be so prescriptive or constraining for businesses.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important as results in business being afraid of what terminology to use in an advert or what imagery to use. Adverts now have to be triple checked by various departments to ensure they comply with age legislation

It results in large numbers of job applicants who are no where near experienced for a role applying for a job they simply would not be knowledgable or experienced enough for.

Managers are afraid of what to say when delivering feedback to unsuccessful candidates, in case a remark they make about their lack of experience could be construed as 'age discrimination'.

I have already been taken to tribunal for age discrimination, because the candidate that was selected was 2 years older than the one rejected. Ludicruous. They didn't turn up on the day of the tribunal, but the amount of time, money and effort that went into the lead up of the case was unbelievable.


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