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Alcohol laws

Comment 21st July 2010

I am tentatively submitting this idea as I have noticed previous similar suggestions have been dismissed due the fact they involve creating new laws instead of changing existing laws. I must have misunderstood some of the PM's pre election promises of changing Britain for the better.

Anyway, I do not wish to digress too much. Like other people who have made similar suggestions I am also appalled at this country's general attitude to alcohol. However I think this attitude has now become a culture that has got progressively worse due to government action and private company greed for profit.

It is a sad fact that in this country if you go out to socialise you are almost forced into drinking alcoholic beverages. It is expected, you are constantly bombarded by offers, and there is simply a lack of alternative choices. The irony is that youngesters experiment with alcohol as it is so eay and cheap for them to get and the gang type culture increases peer pressure. Then when they get drunk and cause trouble we simply chastise them and do nothing about the root cause.

I cannot believe that there are not more non alcoholic choices that people can make. There is no incentive to produce and market these products and we seem to focusing on educating people how to drink poison responsibly instead of not drinking it at all.

Exisiting laws must be altered to make it more appealing to produce and market non alcoholic beverages. Producing and marketing new non/low alcoholic beverages should be encouraged and companies that do so should be rewarded. It would be great to see regular adverts for "Carlsberg free, probably the best alcohol free lager in the world" or for Carling zero, WKD safe etc. Every pub in the land should be encouraged to stock and sell more alcoholic free beers and beverages and again be rewarded for doing so.

We know from statistics that alcohol comsumption is a huge issue. So please start donig something postive about it that involves more than just an increase in duty.


James Wynn (aged 37)

Why does this matter?

To save as many lives as possible and make the country a more pleasant place to live.

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