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all businesses in UK / developed world should sponsor related business in developing country

Comment 4th February 2016

We need to share resources, money, expertise etc more equally in the world. And we all need to take more responsbility for this sharing personally.

Why not have a new law that would make all businesess in the UK (and extend later to all in the developed world) create links with, sponsor and.or support a similar business in a developing country. Colleges / schools, for example could (as several already do) create links with a school in Africa, and the funds raised by their PFA could be divided, pupils' families could sponsor kids at the school and do joint learning projects etc. Banks could link with banks in the developing world, eg. donating one day's pay per year from all employees to their link bank to lend out for development projects. Shops could develop links and advertise that they donate a small percentage to their link shop.

Why does this matter?

It is so unjust that some countries have so much and some have so little, and have to struggle for that. Nearly all of us in the UK have far far more than we need – and it hasn't made us any happier. We've become rich by exploiting other nations / resources – we now have to give it back. At least until a minimum level of education, opportunities, housing, food, health etc is reached. It wasn't just for us in the developed world that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written :

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