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All corruption laws should be abolished.

Comment 10th July 2010

Since it is obvious that corruption, which is a natural trait in man and is endemic in all sections of the community,  then any laws governing it are unnecessary and bound to fail.   The level of corruption is dependent on the establishment level of the person[s] involved.   The higher levels of the establishment, politicians, public servants etc., are more corrupt than the lowly working class labourer or worker.

No setting up of laws will cause a cessation of corruption [and the same can be said of drug dealing].   As is the norm such laws cause only the minor beings to be caught ie in the case of any police investigation nobody above Inspector level is ever convicted.   In the case of politicians nobody above the level of an MP is convicted – in their case they have the protection of the standard…….."I have done nothing wrong"!   This so at any level of society.

A large saving could be made in refusing to legislate against the unstoppable!


Why does this matter?

My idea is important in that since corruption is endemic and will never be abolished, then any attempt to control it or regulate its' existence is futile.    There are always those who are above ANY law and those who make certain that they ARE above any law which prevents such laws from being effectual.

The savings made in not following this lost cause could be put to a much more useful purpose..polician's perks perhaps?

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